LP-25 is Water Activated

The mixture of ingredients we use are designed to be diluted with water. We choose to use them in their concentrated form.  This is the reason you need only a very small amount to do the job. As a result it requires A LOT of water for best results.. 

Directions For use


As a Hand Cleaner

The best way to use LP-25:

 Put a rounded ¼ tsp in the palm of one hand . Close your hand  to capture the soap., Wet the outside of that hand and wet the other hand. Use A LOT of water.  Wash. Everywhere you scrub will come clean. Don't stop, It won't break down. Rinse until you squeak.

Stain Remover

LP-25, A Generous Amount of Water and Scrub Brush:

You can use our cleaner to remove stains on practically anything that can be washed with water. T-shirts, clothing, upholstery, carpet, car door handles etc. It does an amazing job on glass as well.